Frequently Asked Questions

I put together a small information base using my previous experience in which you might find the answer to your question.


Why do we have to meet before the shooting?

The best photos are taken when you are relaxed. This mood is very difficult to achieve when there is a complete stranger behind the camera and you can see only one of his eyes because of the machine. :)

It is better to develop some trust beforehand, occasionally even a friendship, and your relaxed mood is reflected in the images and that you were not thinking of what may be in the photographer's mind. The meeting is rather important when it is a wedding photography so that on the big day you do not have to worry about me and your poses.


What is an engagement session (e-session)?

This photography is partly about the development of an intimate relationship mentioned above, and also it reveals how we can work together. We grow habits, how I'm supposed to speak to you and you can get used to the sight of the camera and its sounds. :)

The engagement photography is just a party in casual clothes, you only need to bring your smiles and your good spirits with you. The date is up to you. It could be a few weeks, months before the wedding but the date could also be completely independent on the big day.


Why do we need to do the creative shooting on another day?

You don't have to, but it's worth it. If you have the shooting on the big day, you will not be completely calm. There are far too many things to worry about: Have the relatives arrived? Has mum brought the cookies?

And it's obviously visible in the pictures. In addition, time is limited: you have to see the beautician and go to the civil ceremony. This is why we might miss some exciting locations therefore you may miss the a big picture of your life.

I suggest making the creative photography on another day for the best shoots. Before or after the wedding day, it's up to you, and don't worry, it doesn't change the price.


Why are there no prices and packages on the site?

I would like the deal to be personalized. You write down what you really need and I will tell you how much it costs. It's that simple. This way you can be sure that you only pay for what you wanted.

Are we going to get all the pictures that are taken at the events?

You will get all the technically correct pictures, but not all of them. Each image goes through a so-called post-processing work (sorting, cutting, alignment etc).

When I'm ready, you will get the selected and high-quality photos to fill your heart with joy and so you will not need to think about which one not to show. to the others.

I'm aiming to do quality work and to show you the joyful moments that you can remember on all your coming anniversaries.


Do not you think that there are too few pictures in the quotation?

The number of images that are shown in the quotation is informative. Usually more are made and delivered. In the offer I always give the minimum number of pictures.

The number of images highly depends on the time available and on your attitude as well.


Are these photos retouched?

The photos will fully reflect reality. As I have already written, all the pictures go through post-production, I do all the adjustment but enlarging boobs and entire magnification is not my kind of thing :). The camera is not as sensitive as the human eye, that is why we need to do some post-work, but I cannot transform unhappy faces to happy ones.

Where do you take the shooting?

I live in Aszófő, but distance is not a problem. For a happy moment I don't mind driving to the other part of the world.


What is the is a web gallery, which goes with the shootings. With the help of this it is easier to share pictures with relatives and friends. On the pictures are in a separate file as a separate event, so the visitor is not lost among the pictures.



I have read everything, but i have some more questions. What should I do?

I'm ready to answer your questions, or at least I'll try. On the quotation form there is a free text field for your questions, comments or you can e-mail me. I'm very happy to answer verbally too, if you prefer a phone call. You will find my contacts at the header of the website.